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My Story

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be in the hair design business.  I started my journey in 1999 and attended Olney Central College School of Cosmetology.  I realized then that continued education is the key to a successful career in the art of fashion.  I have made it my personal goal to be current in the latest trends.  I continue to arm myself with knowledge pertaining to the best in hair care products and services available.



My Vision

My vision is  to expand and grow my business with more  artists working and striving for the same goal.  I will work very closely with my stylists and make sure they have the knowledge and training to make each and every person that walks through our door look and feel amazing.  We are in the beauty industry to make people feel and look their absolute best.  My goal is to make the world a more beautiful place one person at a time!  

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